The Swiss Royal Cities of Outdoor Spa

    We all love the rush of plowing down in the snow and cutting through the mountain ranges with cold winds rushing against our faces.

    The thrill of rushing down the slopes when everything becomes blurry and adrenaline kicks in to make your heart pump faster and you just want to keep going!  Ski lovers know the burning feeling in calves all too well. After an exhilarating day on the slopes, when the body is exerted and you are too tired to even want to lift a finger, let alone run a bath that lasts forever. All you could ever want at this point is to head down to the spa, ease into the water and rejuvenate.

    St. Moritz, Switzerland

    St.Moritz is one of the most famous ski tourism spots in the world and is simply unlike any other place on earth. Truly heaven on earth, it’s home to a variety of slopes that would make anyone fall in love. St. Moritz has hosted Winter Olympics not once, but twice, which says a lot on its own about the quality of the powder. Ten minutes away from St. Moritz is a small mountain village of Pontresina.

    This Engadine’s mountain resort and spa town is surrounded by beautiful pine forests, with a backdrop of the majestic Bernina Massif. The town surely makes one wonder about things greater than our own self and the jaw-dropping awe of watching the sun rise is something that can only be experienced. The 8 km distance from St. Moritz makes it a quiet town with plenty of time to introspect and treat yourself at the famous Grand Hotel Kronenhof.

    If Gods were Swiss, the Grand Hotel Kronenhof in Pontresina would have been the Olympus. The Engadine region has a mineral-rich water supply that would make you feel the bliss in a matter of minutes. This 5-star hotel has been attracting skiers/snowboarders for over 150 years. The change of ownership, a wellness do-over was engineered to extend the experience of the healing waters to the tired tourists and skiers.

    An astonishing 2,000 Square Miles playground of steam and bubbles is there to entertain and soothe tired skiers. You can further stretch out in a huge whirlpool tank, filled with bubbles, with a size comparable to a swimming pool, or you may like to sweat it all out in saunas/steam rooms or maybe even detoxify your body in the salt-water grottos.

    A spa visit is never complete without a deep, relaxing massage to get you back on your feet. At the Kronenhof there are 13 exquisite treatment rooms to pamper you and enhance your beauty, so you have that glow for your candle-light dinner afterwards. Grand Kronrnhof has an elegant Gourmet Restaurant Kronenstübli with a creaky parquet flooring and Normandy duck cooked at your table to create a white-gloved spectacle worth a watch – Canard à la Presse.


    Zermatt, Switzerland

    Switzerland has another skier go-to spot that has brought together all the clichés, with the ranking position as one of the most expensive ski vacations, is none other than Zermatt. Surrounded by 38 summits, this car free town is an aesthetic marvel, with the highest heights above an astounding 4000m high. This is the go-to spot for everyone, families, tourists and skiers of all expertise levels.


    Zermatt Village in the summertime. in the background the Matterhorn looks down on the beautiful landscape.


    Zermatt sits as one of the best skiing locations and is linked to resorts of Cervinia and Valtournenche in Italy. The lift system installed improves every year to accommodate more people and with style. The buzzing town of Zermatt and the many restaurants in the region make sure the visit is memorable for everyone. To find a reclusive retreat in this crowded Swiss town is blissful as it has exceptional spa services to offer.

    Spa Backstage Hotel Vernissage

    This Swiss spa experience has made it to this list due to their provision of a ‘holy’ spa experience and when we say holy we mean holy in a history of creation sort of way.

    The well renowned Swiss artist Heinz Julen designed this exquisite genesis spa experience that extends over a period of seven days. This completely relaxing wellness idea takes you through a floating basin, a steam bath, a bio-sauna, an infrared warming cube and an oasis of humidity. They also house a massive open-air Jacuzzi where you can relax or simply catch the snowflakes falling directly from the skies above.

    There is a semi-religious experience awaiting you if you are a guest at the Vernissage. A genesis themed glimpse into the world is created in the form of the seven days stay. The rooms are designed by Herr Julen in a cube-shaped, glass lined loft manner that shouts creativity and leaves one with a jaw-dropping sensation. The hotel also has a two Michelin star restaurant to tantalize your taste buds, along with a cinema and an exquisite bar with many rare blends.

    When you think Hotel Vernissage, think industrial baroque and take your imagination way out of the box.

    Zermatt is one of the locations around the world that would rarely let you down. They have an excellent snow cover every year and when they don’t, artificial snowmakers are brought to life to cover the slopes. The prices around December are much higher due to Christmas and New Year, so it is advisable to plan your trip wisely to avoid incurring extra costs.

    Switzerland has always been one of the most popular spots for tourists from all over the world, owing to its unparalleled aesthetic appeal and extremely friendly people. The snow-covered peaks attract skiers during the season and other tourists occupy the country in off-season, but never has a tourist complained about what the country has to offer. Plan your skiing activities in advance to avoid disappointments.

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