Spend your Summer in the Chilean Winter

    Summertime in North America marks the beginning of the skiing season in many other parts of the world. The South American continent has many skiing destinations to attract those who want to actively beat the heat. From June to October, Argentina and Chile are namely the two most popular locations to be at for anyone who loves the snow covered mountains and that exhilarating rush experienced when speeding down a steep vertical drop.

    Before we get down to the best resorts in South America, some facts should be highlighted to enlighten those who are planning their first South American Skiing expedition. First, it is unlikely that this region would offer a resort that can compete directly with the European and North American resorts, but the unique experience is what makes it even more interesting.

    Skiing in Argentina

    High-quality travel experience with a very favorable currency exchange rate reaps many benefits for tourists. You can enjoy mouth-watering steaks served with the most delicious Argentinean wines after you are done skiing. Argentina is without a doubt the best South American go-to spot for skiing over great terrains, staying in classy accommodations, and enjoying the very rich Latin culture.

    One of the major attractions for skiers is the esteemed 5-star Hotel Llao Llao. This hotel has been ranked as one of the top ten most beautiful places on the planet by the National Geographic Magazine. Accommodations and other amenities are plentiful in the region and there are a number of other attractions for tourists.

    There are over 15 skiing areas around the 2,300 miles of the Argentinian Andes, but we will limit the discussion to the top few.


    Cerro Catedral

    The location of Cerro Catedral is in the vicinity of the busy township of San Carlos de Bariloche, which is considered to be the jewel of the Lakes district and the gateway city to Patagonia. The location of Cerro Catedral is the first and foremost factor in making this active metropolis such an attractive destination for tourists.

    With over 150,000 local residents and a rich mixture of European and Latin traditions, there are many things other than the snow that are to be enjoyed in case the weather is not slope-friendly.

    Only a ten-minute drive away from the city center or 20 minutes away from the upscale Llao Llao side of the Bariloche, the ski resort is located to provide multi-faceted entertainment to you and your family. They have an on-slope mall with the latest apparels in stock, to keep you fashionably warm. One of the world’s top crack climbing mountain huts ‘Refugio Frey’ can also be accessed from the resort.


    Cerro Catedral Stats

    With over 2965 acres of skiable terrain, this skiing destination is ranked #1 by many magazines. Cerro Catedral is one of the all-year-round vacation spots for the rich and the famous. There is a wide variety of powdered terrain available to attract the skiers of all experience/expertise levels. For those of you who like getting lost in the wilderness of the backcountry, Cerro Catedral offers an incredible amount of insane backcountry sweet spots that would take you months to explore.

    There are over 38 lifts of various kinds like the T-bar and the J-bar to take you to the slopes in the least amount of time. The vertical height of the Andes is 1150m, which is very impressive and if you are seeking long, speedy vertical slopes than Cerro Catedral might be what you’ve been looking for.

    This place has everything you need to make your ski trip memorable -from cliff drops to couloirs, and gnarly mountain faces to everything you need to make your mark on the bottomless powdered slopes.


    Ski in Chile

    Skiing in South America cannot be completed without mentioning the skiable terrain possessed by the Chilean backcountry. The skiing season in Chile lasts from June to the end of October, with snow falling every year without fail. Chile, like Argentina, has an expanse of terrain to suit the needs of skiers of varying skill levels. In addition to the terrain, Chile offers an exclusive and immersive cultural experience that is simply unmatched.

    Valle Nevado de Las TresValles

    Valle Nevado offers the largest skiable terrain in South America, with unparalleled backcountry lines. This place is ranked 2nd most desirable ski locations in South America, by many magazines and tourism guides. The Patagonian Mountains offer around 7,000 acres of skiable terrain with a vertical height of around 906m. As apparent from the low vertical height, these slopes are paradise for amateur skiers and snowboarders.

    Pros of South America Skiing Scene

    While your friends are dealing with the summer heat back home and you can cheat the heat and cut through the Andes or the Patagonian Mountains, all at a very low cost.

    The high exchange rates against the dollar mean that you can have a great vacation at an affordable price. People in Chile and Argentina are very friendly and the culture is one of the most colorful one in the world. Don’t expect to get to bed before 6am. Nightclubs and bars are bustling with lots of friendly and party-loving people throughout the night.

    Cons of South America Skiing

    The freestyle facilities are not the best in the world and could be improved upon. The resorts are spread out over a vast geographical area, which means as a tourist with limited time you can only visit a couple of them. The journey time within South America is long, especially when compared with the well-developed American and European transportation links.

    The Andes are prone to unexpected bad weather. Storms often come and sit there for a few days, meaning that you won’t be able to enjoy the slopes or other outdoor activities.

    South America offers an amazing experience, especially if you love the snow and are willing to follow it around the hemisphere.


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