Exclusive Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood, OR

    The North American scenery and vast expanses of powdered bliss are a sight to wake up to. The lifts transition from the lower mountain to the Magic Mile and finally to the Palmer Chairlifts which take you at a staggering height of 8,540 feet on Mt. Hood, way above the tree line and right into the expanse of vast freestyling slopes.

    The Palmer Snowfield at the top is recommended for skiers with upper intermediate skills at the least to protect you and other speeding skiers and snowboarders from any unfortunate accidents.

    The lower mountain slopes and the Magic mile usually becomes un-skiable around mid-July, but that does not make a huge difference as long as you stay in the four freestyle terrain parks of Mt. Hood. The terrain accessible by the public during the summer period is limited, owing to a variety of ski camps that are set up on specially groomed lanes on the slopes.


    Timberline Resort Stats

    The ski resort of Timberline, Mt. Hood, has around 41 trails in total with half of them suitable for skiers with an intermediate experience level, 10 for beginners and 10 for advanced skiers. They house over ten lift systems of various kinds, including the high-speed quads, surface lifts and other single, double lifts. The efficiency of these lift systems is an impressive 9,896 people per hour, meaning that you won’t wait in long queues awaiting your turn to ski. Mt Hood Ski Area has over 1,415 acres of skiable terrain that features many different slopes, jumps and hurdles.


    The Timberline Lodge

    In the heart of the ski resort located all alone beneath Mt. Hood lies Timberline Lodge. A massive hotel with three restaurants, a variety of bars it is possible to go skiing close to all year round.

    Timberline Lodge offers some of the best deals to the locals in the area through a Timberline Complete Pass, which includes full year access to the ski lifts and riding facilities. Moreover, the lifts do not have any blackout dates, so you never feel cheated.


    Apr├Ęs-Ski at Timberline Lodge is always a great time for everyone sharing their stories of summer exploits and backcountry trail discoveries. The Palmer Slopes is the ideal place to work on sharpening your carving techniques, and the heavily powdered slopes reduce the ski chatter, even when you are zooming past at very high speeds.


    Timberline Lodge has a variety of bars, cafes, a brewery and a beautiful and exquisite dining room. Phlox Point cabin out in the wild is the perfect spot to put your boots on the table, and enjoy a steak with Cognac to get you warmed up. They have an impressive, award-winning wine collection for connoisseurs and their brewery provides the freshest beer if that’s your fancy.


    There exists a variety of accommodations available to suit the needs of all kind of skiers. The lodge rooms are typically the cheapest options available and the luxury condominiums are there in case you want to live in style. Silcox Hut is another of the hotel’s establishments up at 7,000 feet, so you are just a closed door away from the snow and slopes. Timberline Lodge hotel has all the modern amenities such as spa, Wi-Fi, fitness rooms and everything else that you could want at your ski resort. The prospects of going to this retreat should be sufficient to help any skier pull through whatever remains of the summer.

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