Discover Teton Mountains, Wyoming

    Ski lovers find summer time to be utterly boring – with the snow gone, and the mountain faces becoming exposed to their dismay. The state of Wyoming has always been one of the top attractions for skiing fanatics, with the multiple slopes to challenge skiers of all experience levels. Now that the snow caps are melting and the slopes are not ski-able, there are many other activities you can participate in by yourself, or with your family.

    1. Nature Hike: Hiking has meditative advantages like helping one connect with his spiritual self and Jackson Hole has a variety of terrain to offer to nature lovers with a mountain panorama in the background. You can go thousands of feet high and enjoy strenuous boulder scrambles or you could enjoy a quiet, blissful walk by the river. The Grand Teton national park, Taggart and the Bradley lakes at the foot of the Tetons offer plenty of serene sceneries.


    1. Golf: Teton Pines Resorts & Country Club is ranked in 75 best courses in the country, by the Conde Nast Traveler and the Golf Digest. Even the high altitude and reduced atmospheric pressures supports your drive and you get extra yards on your tee shots.
    2. Wildlife Watch: Wildlife at the Grand Teton National Park and the 17 million acres of Yellowstone is always bustling, regardless of the season. Feel connected with nature and observe the species that have defined the West including the Grizzly bear, elk, pronghorn, moose and the wolves. You can drive through the excursions too if you don’t feel like taking a walk.
    3. Conquer the Tetons: Not many people can boast about this accomplishment and it requires a certain level of mountaineering experience. Jackson Hole offers a variety of terrain to engage climbers of varying experience levels so you can try your climbing skills for the first time or the well-seasoned day climbers can bask in the glory of reaching local hot spots like the Rodeo Wall and the Blacktail Butte.
    4. Paragliding: Skiers are usually attracted by high adrenaline releasing activities. Talking about the adrenaline rush, what could be more invigorating than running off a mountain and soaring between the Tetons? Jackson Hole’s paragliding services ensure the safety of the experience and enable you to have a bird’s eye view of the vast and serene aesthetic scenery the state of Wyoming has to offer.
    5. Scenic Flight: To reach the heights of up to 12,000 feet and change your perspective of Wyoming, you can use the services of local flights like the Teton Aviation Center, Fly Jackson Hole and Jackson Hole Paragliding. You can choose from a variety of planes, hot air balloons and gliders that make you want to go up higher. In case this peaceful and calming experience doesn’t work for you, then you can choose to sit in with the acrobatic display done by the Teton Aviation’s specially designed extra 300 planes.
    6. Camping: Camping is the best way to reset your biological clock and get in harmony with Jackson Hole offers attractions for laid-back campers to the hardcore backpackers with activities and exclusive spots for everyone. You can set camp at the Park or the Forest service maintained sites or choose to venture deep into the wilderness. Curtis Canyon just north of Jackson Hole has low-impact camping options on the far side of the National Elk Refuge. Paintbrush Canyon or the Teton Crest trail are the go-to spots for overly adventurous backpackers and present a challenge to even the most experienced backcountry whizzes. Permits and restrictions are required for backpacking into the national parks and some other areas, so be advised to check with the local guides before getting yourself in trouble.
    7. Splash in Water: If you like to ski, then there are many fun activities you can indulge in such as whitewater rafting, canoeing, scenic floats trips and paddle boarding, depending on what gets your blood rushing. Jackson Hole has the Teton’s placid lakes which are ideal for canoeing or the Snake River Canyon which is known for drift boat fishing.
      What if you want to get ‘in’ the water?
      Apart from the many lakes and rivers, you can go take a swim in the Rendezvous Park in Wilson or head to the Granite hot springs pool for yet another utterly relaxing and rejunevnating
    8. Mountain Biking: Jackson Hole has become a world-class destination for mountain bikers, with a variety of trails and bike shops. Snow King Mountain’s cross-country trails offer multiple breathtaking sights. Adrenaline junkies can head over to the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort or the Grand Targhee to experience wildland features and massive jumps to get your heart thumping.
    9. Savor the Sunset: Viewing the sunset is one of the most powerful and emotional experience for hopeless romantics like myself. Skiers are used to watching the sun blaze by when they are scaling the slopes, but an overly mesmerizing experience waits at the dramatic Teton Range. Curtis Canyon is a gem of a spot to bask in the extinguishing sunlight, in the most natural setting. Jenny lake and the peak of the Signal Mountain in the Grand Teton National Park are also amazing spots to bring your day to a perfect end.

    Just because the snow is gone and the slopes are not glistening doesn’t mean that the fun should stop.

    No matter what activities you like to engage in, this wildly wonderful part of Wyoming has something for everyone. There are many other activities like fishing, taking scenic drives, exploring the land and enjoying horse rides (Wild-West style).

    Regardless of how you like to have fun – alone or with your friends or family -there is something that everyone can do at Jackson Hole. So, make the most of your vacation time when it is not crowded by the skiing enthusiasts and discover a truly different side of the region.

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