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    Most of us can probably remember how we would imitate the best footballer on the pitch immediately after watching a game. Just as my fellow friends would take the liberty of labeling themselves as the new Pele or Maradona, I would declare myself Ingemar Stenmark when zigzagging my way through a crowd in the supermarket – as if the ground had turned into an arena for Alpine Skiing.

    Ever since I can remember, the world of alpine skiing has intrigued me. Not sure why the world of alpine skiing caught my interest to the extent that it did. The fact of matter is that I come from a country which has the same altitude profile as my grandma’s infamous pancakes. Be as it may when winter came and the names such as Alberto Tomba, Piermin Zurbriggen and Franz Heinzer appeared on the screen…and I swallowed it all in one go!

    Getting older and spending time on less adventurous things such as work, kids, house, car(s) and all the bills to pay for this, I don’t get to follow the word of alpine skiing as much as I would. One thing led to another and I decided to take a step back and dedicate my time and resources to create the alineskisport.com fully dedicated to keeping the world up-to-date on Alpineskisport.